Checklist for Author-Prepared Proceedings

This checklist is to help you review some important items prior to submitting your final manuscript.   You do not need to submit a copy.

Method of Preparation:

  I have used the series specific author package to prepare my manuscript

General Formatting:

  The type size of the text is 10pt (default setting in the author package).

   All magnification commands (AMS-TeX) or \documentclass size options (LaTeX) and all changes to page dimensions have been removed.

   The 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification numbers (both primary and secondary) are included as an unmarked footnote on the first page.

   The academic (or other) affiliation of author(s) is included at the end of the paper following the bibliography or reference section.

Grant Information:

    Grants or contracts supporting the research are cited in an unmarked footnote on the first page, if applicable


Permission Request Form

    Written permission has been received for ANY reprinted material including text, figures or photographs appearing in the paper; a copy of any permission letters are enclosed.  I understand that permission must be free of any restrictions which may limit the AMS’s ability to produce, publish, promote, and distribute the volume in which my paper will appear.  I understand that any restrictions may result in my paper being omitted from the volume. See Using Third-Party Material in Your AMS Work for more information.


AMS Graphics Guidelines

     I have read the graphics instructions and my graphics meet the requirements for publication in the volume