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Proposal Information

Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics (PSPUM)


Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics (PSAPM)


Each volume in these series includes a collection of papers, many of a survey/expository nature, on a specific active area of mathematics. These papers were presented at symposia, summer research institutes, and summer research conferences sponsored by the American Mathematical Society and other organizations or were put together as special collections.  The Editorial Committees apply very stringent standards in looking for proposals that seek to summarize noteworthy achievements and illuminate the current thinking in areas of mathematics of significant breadth and interest.


Proposals for the publication of conference proceedings are reviewed by the respective Editorial Committee for the book series.  The Managing Editors request conference organizers to submit as much information as possible about the conference, including:

  • title of conference;
  • list of speakers and titles of talks including a list of who has agreed to submit a manuscript;
  • abstracts (if available);
  • who will serve as editor(s);
  • a discussion of the focus and direction of the volume;
  • a statement regarding the value of publication.

Organizers/editors are encouraged to include some expository articles that give an overview of and new developments in the particular field of focus.

Proposals should be directed to Christine Thivierge, Associate Editor for Proceedings, via email at cxt at or by mail to 201 Charles Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02904-2213 USA. Questions regarding the status of projects under consideration should also be directed to her.

Initial approval, in most cases, is considered to be provisional.

For the PSPUM series, final approval is granted after receipt and review (by the Editorial Committee) of referee reports for all papers.

For the PSAPM series, final approval is granted after receipt and review (by the Editorial Committee) of referee reports and manuscripts.


The minimum number of pages for a volume is 250 and, generally, the Society limits these proceedings volumes to 500 pages. Organizers/volume editors who feel it is essential to go over the page limit should send a written explanation with their proposal.

Preliminary papers (to be published elsewhere in final form) or summaries of results previously published or soon to appear are not acceptable for inclusion in a proceedings volume unless specific approval from the AMS has been sought and obtained. This was approved by the Society's Executive Committee and Board of Trustees (ECBT) in May 1993.

Manuscript preparation requirements

The AMS will provide contributors with detailed manuscript preparation instructions.

The Society promotes consistency among papers within a volume and has consequently developed an author packages for each series in AMS-LaTeX (compatible with LaTeX2e) which properly formats manuscripts. It is available, free of charge, from the AMS web site: The AMS has both pre-production and technical support staff available to answer questions about the formatting of papers. 

Submission deadline requirements

The ECBT has established guidelines to effect the policy of rapid publication of conference proceedings; timeliness of the publication of research material is essential. Editors are required by the ECBT to set the manuscript submission deadline from three to at most five months after the conference. The completed volume (refereed and accepted papers) should be submitted to the AMS within twelve months from the date of preliminary acceptance.

The AMS will write to contributors on behalf of the volume editor(s) giving submission deadlines, information on which editor(s) to submit their manuscripts, and instructions on the preparation of manuscripts.

When the refereeing process is complete you should contact Christine Thivierge for more information on the necessary steps to obtain final approval for your volume from the Editorial Committee. Production cannot begin until the volume has received final approval.

Responsibilities of the volume editors

  • Set deadlines for manuscript submission (usually 3 but no more than 5 months after the conference);
  • Referee papers; editors can designate a referee(s) or do it themselves.  Copies of all reports are required for approval;
  • Notify authors of acceptance or rejection of a paper;
  • Provide assistance to authors who have trouble with the preparation of their papers;
  • Provide author-prepared copy of the preface/introduction and table of contents using a special tex package (AMS will strip in page numbers);
  • Provide both primary and secondary 2020 Mathematics Subject Classifications that apply to the entire volume (no more than 10);
  • Provide final volume title and a short title for use on the spine of the cover, if necessary.
  • Inform the AMS of any travel schedule prior to and during production of the volume; we may require your assistance.

Responsibilities of the AMS

  • Write to contributors on behalf of the volume editor(s) regarding submission deadlines and instructions for preparation of manuscripts (the editors(s) are asked to provide a list of invited authors and their email addresses);
  • Make available (free of charge) the AMS-LaTeX version of the series specific author package;
  • Handle, upon request by the editor(s), any follow-up correspondence with contributors that might be necessary with regard to extending manuscript submission deadlines;
  • Upon publication, provide to authors a complimentary copy of the book and electronic access to a free downloadable and printable PDF version of their article;
  • Provide to the editor(s) 6 complimentary copies of the volume, to be divided among multiple editors as necessary, with a minimum of 2 per editor.