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READ.ME file for the AMS TeX Archive at

 1997/10/02  TeX Products ------------  In the directory /pub/tex you will find a subdirectory for each of the major products comprising the Society's TeX archive. Specifically, you will find subdirectories for AMS-LaTeX 1.2 (/pub/tex/amslatex), AMS-TeX 2.1 (/pub/tex/amstex), AMSFonts 2.2 (/pub/tex/amsfonts), and Type1 (PostScript) outlines for CM and AMSFonts (/pub/tex/psfonts).   Also in the /pub/tex area you will find compressed tar files for the amstex and amslatex subdirectories of /pub/tex.  Tar files for /pub/tex/amsfonts represent smaller subdivisions. Specifically, there is a compressed tar file for the AMSFonts 2.2 Metafont sources (/pub/tex/amsfonts-sources.tar.Z), as well as uncompressed tar files for AMSFonts 2.2 tfm files (/pub/tex/tfm.tar) and for AMSFonts 2.2 pk files in resolutions of 118, 180, 240, 300, 400, and 600dpi (/pub/tex/amsfonts118.tar, amsfonts180.tar, amsfonts240.tar, amsfonts300.tar, amsfonts400.tar, and amsfonts600.tar; please note that the tar archives for tfm and pk files are not compressed, since the files they contain are already in a compressed format and the Unix compress utility cannot compress them any further.)  If your host machine utilizes the Unix operating system or has facilities to unpack them, you can use these tar files for easy retrieval of an entire TeX product.  For example, if you would like to obtain AMS-TeX 2.1, you can transfer just the file /pub/tex/amstex.tar.Z to your machine. You would then have to decompress and use the tar utility to restore the AMS-TeX files to your local machine.  The file /pub/tex/tfm.tar, which contains the files in the directory /pub/tex/amsfonts/tfm, can be used without the rest of the AMSFonts files by users of AMS-TeX who do not wish to install the entire AMSFonts package.  For Macintosh users we have included a set of BinHex'ed StuffIt archives of AMS products in the directory /pub/tex.  These files have the extension .hqx in their filename.   Information for authors -----------------------  In the directory /pub/author-info, you will find information for AMS authors. The /author-info area contains two subareas: /documentation and /packages.  The /documentation area contains the TeX source files for the AMS-TeX and AMS-LaTeX ``Instructions for Preparation of Papers and Monographs'' and the ``AMS Author Handbook''.  The /packages area contains style files (AMS-TeX and AMS-LaTeX) for AMS publications.  Additional documentation ------------------------  A READ.ME file is present in every subdirectory of /pub/tex and in the area /pub/author-info, containing information about that particular area.  In addition, the /doc or /documentation subdirectories of these areas contain user's guides and other brief manuals describing how to install and use these products.  The installation instructions for a product, while usually forming an appendix to the relevant user's guide, are in a form that may be processed directly with either plain TeX or with LaTeX to generate a printed copy for immediate reference; details are contained in the READ.ME files.  For assistance with problems ----------------------------  If you experience any problems with the files found in the AMS archive, or have trouble with the archive in any way, you can direct questions to:  American Mathematical Society Technical Support Electronic Products and Services 201 Charles Street P.O. Box 6248 Providence, RI 02940   USA      (800) 321-4AMS (321-4267) ext. 4080      (401) 455-4080 Internet:  (NOTE: The notation "1.0+" or "2.0+" used in various READ.ME files and documentation files in this distribution is intended to stand for "Version 1.0 or later" and "Version 2.0 or later" respectively.)  

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