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Memoirs Author Packages

AMS LaTeX Author Package for Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society Preferred

Note to authors

  • Each Memoir is formatted like a monograph, using a monograph document style.
  • In Memoirs, unlike other monographs, an abstract page following the table of contents includes the abstract, subject classifications, keywords, acknowledgments of support, and date received by the editor. This page arrangement is built into the Memoirs author packages, and the templates include all necessary tags and instructions.
  • Memoirs is an author-prepared publication. The author is expected to submit .tex and .eps (graphics) files, which will be formatted for publication, without editing.
  • Memoirs are published on line as well as in paper form. This dual print and electronic publication involves conversion of some information (title, author information, abstract, and bibliography) to formats other than TeX, requiring that these elements be uniformly encoded using LaTeX conventions. For this reason, all AMS-TeX submissions will be converted to AMS-LaTeX upon receipt.

To download MEMO author packages, follow this two-step process:

1. Choose a TeX Package


2. Download files