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AMS Monographs

The AMS publishes a broad spectrum of monographs, from books and textbooks for undergraduates, to texts for graduate students, to surveys and lecture notes for postdocs and established mathematicians. Such books have been part of our publishing program for over 100 years. AMS monographs maintain the highest standards for scholarship and exposition.

A Comprehensive Course in Analysis by Barry Simon

This is a graduate analysis text, of approximately 3,000 pages, with lots of additional bonus material. Included are hundreds of problems and copious notes that extend the text and provide historical background. Efforts have been made to find simple and elegant proofs and to keeping the writing style clear.

Barry Simon is currently an IBM Professor of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology. He graduated from Princeton University with his Ph.D in Physics. In 2012 Simon won the International Association of Mathematical Physics' Poincaré Prize for outstanding contributions to mathematical physics. He has authored more than 400 publications on mathematics and physics.

Download the Ultimate Companion to A Comprehensive Course in Analysis.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

2015 (5 volumes)

  • List US$350
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$280

AMS Non-Series Monographs

The American Mathematical Society publishes many titles that do not fit into a specific series. These books may be geared towards a certain readership or may have a broad appeal to anyone interested in mathematics. Some of the books are dedicated to the teaching of mathematics and career development, while others are geared towards a specific discipline or education level.

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Selected Titles published in 2016 (5 volumes)

  • List US$275
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$220

Selected Titles published in 2014 and 2015 (13 volumes)

  • List US$508
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$406.40

2007-2014 Selected Titles (35 volumes)

  • List US$1,894
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$1,515

AMS Chelsea Publishing

Following a centuries-old tradition of building on what has gone before, mathematicians continue to mine and utilize insights and results from the classical literature. The mission of the AMS-Chelsea book series is to make some of the most important classics that were once out of print available to new generations of mathematicians and graduate students. The series continues the tradition of the original Chelsea Publishing Company, founded by Aaron Galuten, and contains many of its most successful and recognized titles.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

1894-2015 Selected Titles (44 volumes)

  • List US$2,368
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$1,894

CBMS Issues in Mathematics Education

ISSN 2380-5684 (online); ISSN 1047-398X (print)

This series of the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS), published in cooperation with the Mathematical Association of America, promotes information exchange intended to revitalize the teaching of mathematics and statistics at all levels. Innovative teaching efforts are profiled in these volumes.

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1990-2012 (18 volumes)

  • List US$883
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$706.00

CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics

ISSN 2380-5668 (online); ISSN 0160-7642 (print)

Each monograph offers a written account of lectures given by the author as principal speaker at a regional conference sponsored by the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences and supported by the National Science Foundation. The material in these lectures is accessible to nonspecialists.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

2015 (Volume 123)

  • List US$29.00
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$23.20

1970-2015 (122 volumes)

  • List US$3,709
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$2,967

Centre de Recherches Mathématiques (CRM) Monograph Series

ISSN 2472-5145 (online); ISSN 1065-8599 (print)

This series includes monographs developed from lectures given at the Centre de Recherches Mathématiques located at the Université de Montréal. This series is co-published by the AMS and the Centre de Recherches Mathématiques.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

Selected Titles (36 volumes)

  • List US$2,369
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$1,895.20

Colloquium Publications

ISSN 2473-3946 (online); ISSN 0065-9258 (print)

Each volume in the Colloquium Publications series contains enduring and important results from outstanding mathematicians worldwide, offering the finest in scholarly mathematical publishing. These incomparable works, from the turn of the century to the present, provide definitive treatment of some of mathematics most significant results.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

1905-2016 (63 volumes)

  • List US$4,319
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$3,455

Courant Lecture Notes

ISSN 2472-4467 (online); ISSN 1529-9031 (print)

This important series, co-published by the AMS and the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, offers cutting-edge research in mathematics and theoretical computer science. NYU faculty and visitors have written most of the volumes, which are primarily based on graduate courses and minicourses offered at the Institute.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

2016  (Volume 27)

  • List US$36
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$28.80

2000-2015 Selected Titles (25 volumes)

  • List US$890
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$712

Fields Institute Monographs

ISSN 2194-3079 (online); ISSN 1069-5273 (print)

This series features high-quality research monographs, often generated from the activities at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The series was co-published with the Fields Institute and will no longer be published beyond volume 28.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

1993-2011 (28 volumes)

  • List US$1,950
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$1,560

Graduate Studies in Mathematics

ISSN 2376-9203 (online); ISSN 1065-7338 (print)

The volumes in Graduate Studies in Mathematics are specifically designed as graduate studies texts, but are also suitable for recommended and/or supplemental course reading. With appeal to both students and professors, these texts make ideal independent study resources. The breadth and depth of the series coverage make it an ideal acquisition for all academic libraries that support mathematics programs.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

2013-2016 Selected Titles (34 volumes)

  • List: US$2,579
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$2,063.20

2012 Selected Titles (15 volumes)

  • List: US$954
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$763.20

1993-2011 Selected Titles (112 volumes)

  • List: US$6,987
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$5,589.60

History of Mathematics

ISSN 2472-4785 (online); ISSN 0899-2428 (print)

The titles in this series offer compelling historical perspectives on the individuals and communities that have profoundly influenced mathematics development. Each book constitutes a valuable addition to an historical or mathematical book collection. Volumes 4 through 39 were co-published with the London Mathematical Society. From volume 40 on, these volumes are published by the AMS.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

Selected Titles (39 volumes)

  • List US$1,984
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$1,587

IAS/Park City Mathematics Series

ISSN 2472-5064 (online); ISSN 1079-5634 (print)

This series comprises lecture notes, graduate texts, and educational material arising out of the activities of the Institute for Advanced Study/Park City Mathematics Institute in Park City, Utah. The Institute convenes mathematicians from all sectors in month-long summer programs. Each Institute features approximately five lecture series given by prominent mathematicians. This series is co-published with the Institute for Advanced Study/Park City Mathematics Institute.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

Selected Titles (21 volumes)

  • List US$1,228
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$982.40

Mathematical Surveys and Monographs

ISSN 2331-7159 (online); ISSN 0076-5376 (print)

This series of high-level monographs is designed to meet the need for detailed expositions in current research fields. Each volume in the Mathematical Surveys and Monographs series gives a survey of the subject along with a brief introduction to recent developments and unsolved problems.

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2016 (6 volumes)

  • List: US$660.00
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$528.00

2015 (8 volumes)

  • List: US$880.00
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$704.00

2014 (8 volumes)

  • List: US$768
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$614.40

2012-2013 (14 volumes)

  • List: US$1,355
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$1,084

2011 (10 volumes)

  • List: US$955
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$764

1943-2010 (169 volumes)

  • List: US$11,616
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$9,292.80

The 1943-2010 backfile is also available in the following subsets:

  • Volumes 1-34
  • Volumes 35-68
  • Volumes 69-102
  • Volumes 103-136
  • Volumes 137-169

Pricing for each subset:

  • List: US$2,544
  • Institutional Members (Domestic and Foreign): US$2,035.20

Mathematical World

ISSN 2380-5692 (online); ISSN 1055-9426 (print)

This accessible series brings the beauty and wonder of mathematics to the advanced high school student, the mathematics teacher, the scientist or engineer, and the lay reader with a strong interest in mathematics. Mathematical World features well-written, challenging expository works that illustrate the fascination and usefulness of mathematics

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Electronic Backfile Collection

1991-2013 Selected Titles (23 volumes)

  • List US$729
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$583

Student Mathematical Library

ISSN 2376-9173 (online); ISSN 1520-9121 (print)

The AMS undergraduate series, the Student Mathematical Library, is for books that will spark students' interests in modern mathematics and increase their appreciation for research. Books published in the series emphasize original topics and approaches. The step from mathematical coursework to mathematical research is one of the most important developments in a mathematician's career. To make the transition successfully, the student must be motivated and interested in doing mathematics rather than merely learning it. They are suitable for honors courses, upper-division seminars, reading courses, or self-study.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

2016 Selected Titles (2 volumes)

  • List: US$98
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$78.40

2015 Selected Titles (5 volumes)

  • List: US$245
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$196

1999-2014 Selected Titles (68 volumes)

  • List: US$2,689
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$2,151.20

Translations of Mathematical Monographs

ISSN 2472-5137 (online); ISSN 0065-9282 (print)

This series contains works of advanced mathematical research and exposition translated primarily from Japanese and Russian. Included as a subseries to this series are original works translated from publisher Iwanami Shoten (Tokyo).

Electronic Backfile Collections

1962 -2014 (240 volumes)

  • List: US$16,254.00
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$13,003.20

University Lecture Series

ISSN 2376-919X (online); ISSN 1047-3998 (print)

Each book in the University Lecture Series focuses on an important and rapidly developing topic, and is designed to give readers the most current information on the subject area. Some books in the series originated from important lecture series given by outstanding mathematicians worldwide.

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Electronic Backfile Collection

2016 (3 volumes)

  • List: US$127
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$101.60

2015 (1 volume)

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1989-2014 (62 volumes)

  • List: US$2,104
  • Institutional Member (Domestic and Foreign): US$1,683.20