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A Dingo Ate My Math BookA Dingo Ate My Math Book: Mathematics from Down Under
Burkard Polster
Marty Ross
Written in a playful and humorous style, this book presents ingenious, unusual, and beautiful nuggets of mathematics with a distinctly Australian flavor.

A Primer of Mathematical WritingA Primer of Mathematical Writing: Being a Disquisition on Having Your Ideas Recorded, Typeset, Published, Read, and Appreciated, Second Edition
Steven G. Krantz
The second edition of this treatment of modern aspects of writing features a new, extensive discussion of technological developments.

Y Origami?Y Origami?: Explorations in Folding
David C. Morgan
Denise M. Halverson
Spencer P. Magleby
Terri C. Bateman
Larry L. Howell
This book demonstrates the potential of folding to improve the way things work, simplify how products are produced, and make possible new objects otherwise impossible.