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Initial Submissions

A PDF file of the manuscript should be sent via email to the Managing Editor or to any member of the Editorial Board . Manuscripts accepted for publication must be typeset by the author in AMS-LaTeX .

Authors should also supply the Editor with an email address (if available) and current postal address (if applicable) with their affiliation on the last page of the manuscript. These will be printed at the end of each article. To help avoid delays in publication, authors are encouraged to send changes in postal and email addresses to , especially before proof has been sent to authors. Articles are electronically published after proof is returned from authors and before appearing in an issue. Once an article is published electronically, author information, such as postal and email addresses, cannot be updated.

Languages: Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts written in English.

Author names: All author names must be in First-Middle-Surname order.

Abstract: An abstract is required for every paper. The abstract should be at least one complete sentence and at most 300 words. The Journal of Algebraic Geometry offers free worldwide access to the electronic abstracts.

Style: To eliminate unnecessary delay or difficulties in printing, authors may be guided by Mathematics into Type, updated edition, Amer. Math. Soc., 1999.

Footnotes: Except for a possible acknowledgment of assistance or financial support on the first page, footnotes should be avoided.

References: References will be published as submitted. For the best presentation, the list of references must be in alphabetical-chronological order; abbreviations of names of journals and references to books should follow the standard form established by Mathematical Reviews®. Journal abbreviations used in bibliographies are accessible from

The following references are two typical examples of how they appear in print:

  1. R. Hartshorne, Algebraic geometry, Graduate Text in Mathematics 52, Springer-Verlag, New York, Heidelberg, Berlin, 1977.
  2. N. Hochster and J. L. Roberts, Rings of invariants of reductive groups acting on regular rings are Cohen-Macaulay, Adv. Math. 13 (1974) 115--175.

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