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Where to Send Files for Accepted Papers

Immediately after a paper has been accepted for publication, the final version of the electronic manuscript should be sent to the Providence office of the American Mathematical Society (AMS). See Web, Email, FTP, and CD paragraphs below. The final version must be typeset in AMS-LaTeX.

No corrections will be accepted electronically. Authors must mark their changes on author proofs when received and return them to the AMS. 


  • ACCEPTED papers can be submitted via the web.
  • For security and confidentiality reasons, this system requires that you have an AMS Web Account. You will be given an opportunity to create an account as you go through the submission process.


  • Electronic files can be sent via email to
  • Include a message indicating that the paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Algebraic Geometry.


  • Files for journal articles and graphics can also be transferred via FTP (see this sample FTP Session for instructions). You must use an FTP client; a web browser will not work.
  • Bundle all your files together into a zip file.
  • Login as anonymous and enter your email address as the password. Once logged in, connect to the incoming directory and transfer the files in binary mode. This is the only directory in the FTP area which is open to write access.
  • After the transfer is complete, mail must be sent to  informing the AMS staff of the transfer. The message should include the name of the file(s) transferred and the name of the publication in which the paper is to appear.
  • If you have difficulty in transferring files to the AMS FTP site, send mail to


  • Electronically prepared manuscripts may also be sent to

    Electronic Prepress Department
    American Mathematical Society
    201 Charles Street
    Providence, RI 02904-2294 USA

  • When sending a manuscript on CD, write the author name(s), article title, and the journal name on the CD label.

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