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Facts and Figures

Some Statistics about the MR Database

January 2006

Growth in the total number of items in the MR Database
since its founding in 1940

Growth of the MR Database

Some numbers of interest

Number of items in the MRDB 2 104 000
Number of reviews in the MRDB 1 786 000
Number of individuals (authors) in the MRDB 445 000
Number of new items added to the MRDB in 2004 123 106
Number of new reviews added to the MRDB in 2004 63 628
Number of new items processed each working day 325
Number of journals currently covered by MR 1 799
Number of classifications in MSC2000 5 529
Number of currently active reviewers 12 068

Distribution of items in the MR Database
by Mathematics Subject Classification

Breakdown by Classification, Low
Breakdown by Classification, High

Note: Certain classification counts should be understood in the context of changes to the Mathematics Subject Classification over the years.

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