Math Reviews 75th anniversary
Mathematical Reviews (MR) Past and Present

The History of Mathematical Reviews

Mathematical Reviews first editionMathematical Reviews was launched by the American Mathematical Society in 1940, with Otto Neugebauer as its first editor. Since its founding, Mathematical Reviews has been an important part of the AMS and the mathematical sciences community.
From its first issue of 32 pages and 176 reviews, the publication has grown into the MathSciNet® database, which contains over 3 million total publications, almost 9 million citations, and a reviewer community numbering nearly 17,000 researchers. Learn more about the history and people of MR and the Editorial Offices. The Prezi below provides a brief summary of Mathematical Reviews history.

Spring 2015 AMS Sectional Meetings

  • Pick up a mini-notebook featuring the cover of the inaugural issue of Mathematical Reviews along with other fun Mathematical Reviews “swag”.
  • Browse the first issue of Mathematical Reviews
  • Enter to win a $75 AMS Bookstore gift certificate, along with a limited-edition Mathematical Reviews t-shirt.

Read more about the festivities, and about the history of Math Reviews, in the December issue of the Notices of the AMS.

Video: An Introduction to Mathematical Reviews