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Pictures from JMM 2000, Washington, D.C.

Poster for special session Poster for the special session held on Friday, January 21.
Fred and Andrew
Two of the speakers at the special session:
Fred Rickey (left) and Andrew Odlyzko.
Fred Rickey speaks Two cakes at the reception
Fred Rickey spoke about the founding of Mathematical Reviews®  The slide shows the cover of Volume 1, Number 1. There were two lovely cakes to mark the occasion.
3 former Exective Editors 5 Executive Editors
Three former Executive Editors of
Mathematical Reviews®.
From the left:  Don Babbitt, John Selfridge,
Robert Bartle.
Five Executive Editors.  From the left (standing): Jane Kister (current), Robert Bartle, Don Babbitt, Keith Dennis.  Seated: John Selfridge.
Saunders Mac Lane Mac Lane and Gleason
Andrew Gleason and Saunders Mac Lane.
Saunders Mac Lane, a  reviewer from Volume 1
reads about MathSciNet.  So can you.  You can
order an enjoyable video featuring Prof. Mac Lane:
Fifty Years of Mathematical Reviews
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