AMS Underwrites Local PBS Auction Night

AMS staff, family and friends volunteered at the Rhode Island PBS TV Channel 36 auction on April 24, 2003. The Society showed its support of PBS by underwriting the night and by providing 22 people to answer phones, act as auctioneers and bid-writers, and handle the live telephone auction.

AMS staff volunteer at PBS auction John Ewing, Channel 36 President Susan Farmer    and Dir. of Development Sheila Springer, and auctioneers Mike Breen and Ed Dunne

Public Awareness Officer Mike Breen and Editor Edward Dunne were on-camera auctioneers, and AMS Executive Director John Ewing handed over the ceremonial check to station President Susan Farmer.

AMS staff, family and friends volunteer for PBS

The presence of AMS staff and the airing of a short spot about the AMS provided an opportunity for the Society to promote awareness of its missions and programs to PBS viewers in Rhode Island and in nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut. This year's volunteers were Robin Aguiar and her son Andrew, Vickie Ancona, Barbara and Gordon Beeton, Mike Breen, Ed Dunne, Annette Emerson, John Ewing, Yvonne and Tony Ferreira, Caroline Hibbad, James Maxwell and Clare Kirby, Karen McConaghy, Lori Melucci, Gil Poulin, Kinda and Bill Priestley, Raquel Storti, Ted Tobin, and Todd Vander Does.

The AMS also underwrote the PBS auction April 25, 2002.