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Academe Today: The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Date: November 24, 1995
Section: Briefs
Page: A6

U. of Rochester to Cut Its Faculty by 10%

Rochester, New York -- The University of Rochester is trying to make itself more attractive to top students and trim a deficit of $6-million in its operating budget at the same time.

Rochester will cut the size of its faculty 10 per cent through attrition over the next five years, offer more merit scholarships, and reduce the freshman class to 900 next fall from 1,100 this year. It is also eliminating doctoral programs in chemical engineering, comparative literature, linguistics, and mathematics.

In 1991, the college considered and then scrapped a plan to eliminate several doctoral programs.

The latest plan wasn't a surprise. Susan E. Gustafson, an associate professor of German, said, "In a sense, there was already handwriting on the wall."

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Title: U. of Rochester to Cut Its Faculty by 10%
Published: 95/11/24

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