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Apportionment: Where to Next?

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4. Where to Next?

Mathematical and empirical studies of apportionment problems continue to receive intensive investigation. Due to perceived unfairness in the way seats have been apportioned or in which districts are created on the basis of census data, American courts continue to have to examine the issues involved. Even though the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the use of Huntington-Hill relatively recently (1992), this does not mean that if new ideas show that Huntington-Hill is not the best choice available, that the Court will not in some future case conclude that Huntington-Hill is unconstitutional. The apportionment problem and its many relatives will no doubt continue to intrigue mathematicians for a long time to come.

Joseph Malkevitch
York College (CUNY)


  1. Apportionment Systems
  2. Fairness and Apportionment
  3. Balinski and Young's Contribution
  4. Where to Next?
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