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Knots and Their Polynomials-5

 Knots and Their Polynomials

The calculation of the Jones polynomial of the right trefoil

We apply the skein relation to the right trefoil:

t-1J(right-trefoil)[t] -t J(right-trefoil-switched)[t] =(t1/2 - t-1/2)J(right-link)[t].

The second knot in the equation is topologically an unknot:

right-trefoil-switched =unknot,so J(right-trefoil-switched)[t] = 1,

and we are left with

J(right-trefoil)[t] =(t3/2 - t1/2)J(right-link)[t] + t2.

The knot on the right is made up of two linked unknots. This isa right-hand link because when we follow the orientation the two circles twist around each other to the right.

The next step is to analyze that link by the same method.

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