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Latin Squares in Practice and in Theory II

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5. References in print. For further thought

Euler's article Recherches sur une nouvelle espèce de quarrés magiques, first published in 1782, is reprinted in his Opera Omnia Series I volume VII, Teubner, Leipzig and Berlin 1923, pages 291-392.

Charles Colbourn and Jeff Dinitz, Mutually orthogonal latin squares: a brief survey of constructions, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 95 (2001) 9-48

The full table of MOLS appears in The CRC Handbook ofCombinatorial Designs, edited by Charles Colbourn and Jeff Dinitz,CRC Press 1996.

For further thought

In the construction of magic squares, how should the MOLS be chosen if we want both diagonals to have the same sum as the rows and columns?