Math in the Media

Math in the Media

This month on Math in the Media: Tony Phillips' Take (Why math majors change major, Covering a sphere with zones, Topological waves in the ocean), and Media Coverage of Math (links to current articles, radio segments, news releases from the newswires, and reviews). Read more . . .

Regular-Faced Polyhedra: Remembering Norman Johnson

Joe Malkevitch starts 2018 with a look at polyhedra and at Norman Johnson’s work enumerating the convex three-dimensional polyhedra whose faces are regular polygons, now known as Johnson solids. See "Regular-Faced Polyhedra: Remembering Norman Johnson."

Mathematical Imagery

Explore the world of mathematics and art. Recently added: an album of selected works the 2017 Mathematical Art Exhibition.

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician

The contestants from the U.S. and Canada have been chosen for the 2018 Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Championship, which will take place at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego. The U.K. contestant was chosen in a live final in London on Nov. 24, but has not confirmed yet. More than 4,000 students in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. participated in qualifying.