Friend of the University of Rochester

December 7, 1995

President Thomas H. Jackson
Administration 240
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

Robert B. Goergen, Chairman
Blyth Industries
Two Greenwich Plaza
Greenwich, CT 06830-6353


The Princeton University Mathematics Department is greatly troubled by recent events at Rochester University, I am enclosing a resolution by the senior faculty which sets forth our concerns. In my opinion the actions taken by Rochester University concerning a department which is outstanding in its teaching, graduate program, and faculty research will have disastrous consequences. I cannot understand how a university which is a leader in Science and Engineering can turn on that tradition. In particular, I am puzzled by the rationale of retaining the English graduate program as given by Dean Aslin: "we believe it is essential to maintain a strong presence in English as a central discipline in the humanities" and at the same time dropping the Mathematics graduate program when surely Mathematics is a central discipline in Science and Technology. Under these circumstances, it seems to me, Rochester will not be able to attract good students and will no longer be on the list of the thirty top universities.

In my view, before these actions cause permanent harm it is imperative to reverse the decision concerning the Mathematics Department. If you decide to take that path I would be happy to help in any way to retain and improve your distinguished Mathematics Department.


J. J. Kohn, Chair

American Mathematical Society