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Glass Works :: Erica Rollings

All my life I have vacillated between mathematics and art and find I am happiest when doing both. It's generally acknowledged that math and music are closely related in human developmental processes. I guess it boils down to basic communication. Math and music are languages, and art is a visual means of communication. My medium of choice is glass, and my favorite designs are mathematical and usually the ones that nature presents in both anatomical and botanical spheres of life. Here in this gallery are stained glass works.
Erica Rollings

Middle Ages 5

I loved the combination of knots and leaves, with the letters providing a hint of heraldry. One can easily picture a knight's shield, and hence the background color of war. I chose the yellow and purple glass for their red references. This piece is constructed of dichroic glass which appears one color when backlit (as in the photo) and an entirely different color when light is reflected off the surface instead.

Byzantine 1

This design appealed because of the interconnection of always-pleasing circles and squares. I wanted the geometric qualities to be represented in warm earthy colors to create an aesthetic tension and provided more tension by opposing with a cool background.

Moresque 1

The Escher-esque quality of the shields appealed to me, especially as they leave a negative-space dodecagon in the center. I kept the colors in symphony with each other to add to the complexity of the basic design.


Coelenterates--otherwise known to us laypeople as Jellyfish. If you've ever had the misfortune to encounter one while swimming then you know they're notoriously hard to see in water. To find it, search for hexagons. Its body is represented by regular hexagons, while its tail, the nasty part, is represented by elongated hexagons.