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"Mathematics for the Many": A review of Mathematics: From the Birth ofNumbers, by Jan Gullberg. Reviewed by Donald J. Albers. ScientificAmerican, September 1998, pages 102-103.

This book was published in 1997, and by the time of the review it had been outonly 18 months and was in its sixth printing. "The book is an enthusiastic andutterly amazing popularization that promises to be in print for decades," thereview says. The scope of the book is large, covering numbers and language,combinatorics, logic, set theory, the theory of equations, geometry,trigonometry, fractals, sequences and series, calculus, harmonic analysis,probability, and differential equations. The review praises the author's"remarkably broad and deep curiosity about matheamtics, his appreciation ofmathematics in history, his fondness for languages..., and his humorous side."

--- Allyn Jackson