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Mathematical Digest

Short Summaries of Articles about Mathematics
in the Popular Press

"Count on the Numbers to Always Be There," by Dan Rockmore. BostonGlobe, 8 August 2000.
"For Mathematicians, `a Once in a Century Thing'," by K. C. Cole. LosAngeles Times, 10 August 2000, page B2.
"Math Convention Problems Just Keep On Multiplying," by David Ferrell. LosAngeles Times, 12 August 2000.

These three articles discuss the AMS meeting "Mathematical Challenges of the 21st Century," held on thecampus of UCLA in August 2000. The meeting featured lectures by mathematicianswhose work ranges over a wide variety of areas within mathematics and along itsborders with other disciplines. These two articles give a flavor of thediversity of topics presented at the meeting and capture the sense offascination that mathematics holds for its practitioners. "Because mathematicsisn't stuck in any single context, it is endlessly versatile---like the lettersof the alphabet, equally adept at writing sonnets or advertisements," Colewrites. "Its ability to distill the essence is what makes it universal---likelove or hate."

--- Allyn Jackson