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"Narrative Plus Math Equals Sales," by Judith Rosen. Publishers Weekly,16 April 2001.

This full-page article by Rosen in the widely-circulated PublishersWeekly notes the popularity of recent mathematics and science-relatedbooks---both fiction and non-fiction. She explores the perennial sales ofEdwin A. Abbott's 1884 classic, Flatland, a mix of math and sciencefiction. The newest such book on the market is Ian Stewart'sFlatterland, which is inspired by Abbott's work and is expected togenerate significant interest and sales. Rosen also notes other math-relatedbooks that are expected to appeal to the general reader because they areinterdisciplinary: Radical Equations: Math Literacy and Civil Rights, byRobert P. Moses and Charles E. Cobb, Jr., Mathematical and PhysicalFormulae, by Matthew Watkins, Sacred Geometry, by Miranda Lundy,and Sun, Moon & Earth, by Robin Heath.

--- Annette Emerson