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"Bush favours research at Pentagon and NIH," by Colin Macilwain.Nature, 12 April 2001.

Bush's proposed 2002 budget for basic science research and developmentreverses the trend of the Clinton years, but Congress is unlikely to leavethe proposal intact. The proposal designates a nearly flat budget of US$4.5billion to the National Science Foundation (NSF), which funds mostnon-biomedical research. Within the NSF, US$20 million is earmarked for a newmathematics initiative. The Department of Energy (DOE), which funds mostphysics research, is also marked for a flat level of funding overall and adecrease in funding for biological and environmental research division. Thereporter summarizes cuts proposed in research at the EnvironmentalProtection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and U.S.Geological Survey, and increases proposed for military spending and NationalInstitutes of Health.

--- Annette Emerson