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"A Ministry in Maths", by Tillie Harris, Guardian Unlimited, 6July 2001.

"Mathematical evangelist Professor Chris Budd, honoured in this year'sInstitute of Learning and Teaching awards, says his calling to transform thepublic image of his subject extends from his unusual background." So leads thestory about this charismatic lecturer who within his role as math chair at theRoyal Institute runs a math masterclass on Saturdays. He is passionate aboutboth math and working with young people and has made it his mission totransform the public image of mathematics. His award was granted in part due topositive feedback from his students about his unorthodox and interestingteaching style. He plans on using his award grant to involve undergraduates inprojects such as masterclasses and mentor programs throughout the year and inpublic awareness activities during National Science Week.

--- Annette Emerson