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"Down and out in Murray Hill", by Irwin Goodwin, Nature, 9 August 2001.

"Bell Labs has been an icon of ingenuity ever since its launch in 1925 byAT&T." The author declares Bell Labs is the world's premier industrialresearch center, a claim backed by its research and development intransistors, lasers, optics, digital data transmission, satellitecommunications, the UNIX computer operating system, and the fact that thelab's work has been honored with six Nobel prizes. But the article cites thedire straights of Lucent Technologies, Bell's parent, as a threat to thehealth of Bell and the sustenance of its scientists, mathematicians,engineers and technicians. "Last year, the labs hired 20 newly graduatedphysicists and mathematicians, but so far this year only a handful ofpostdocs have been taken on.... Nevertheless, many staff remain loyallyoptimistic."

--- Annette Emerson