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"Physiologist Models the Human Heart and Reaches Out as a Mentor," by Ana Marie Cox. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 7 September 2001.

The Chronicle of Higher Education profiles four recent Ph.D.s to watch, and Colleen E. Clancy is one of them. Her research on linking a genetic defect to a particular kind of arhythmia was published in Nature before she even earned her Ph.D. (a rare feat). "Math led Ms. Clancy to the heart. At Union, her search for `interesting' data sets led her to look at heart rhythms, she says, and she became fascinated with using mathematics to simulate biological phenomena. The purity of mathematical thinking `suited my aesthetics,' she says." She has chosen for now to remain in academe, continuing her cutting edge work in virtual modeling and bioinformatics.

--- Annette Emerson

American Mathematical Society