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Obituaries of Daniel Lewin, co-founder of Akamai Technologies, by Jack Schofield, Guardian Unlimited, 15 September 2001, and by Globe Staff, Boston Globe, 17 September 2001 (page 4).

Daniel Lewin was among those killed in the hijacked American Airlines flight 11 that crashed in New York. He was a computer scientist whose ideas contributed towards Akamai Technologies' development of a network of servers (now numbering in the thousands) that distribute web content around the globe. "Distributing content intelligently, and keeping it up to date, required a lot of sophisticated mathematics. The development of the technology started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where Lewin completed his master's degree under Tom Leighton, a professor of applied mathematics," writes Schofield in the Guardian Unlimited. In 1998 Lewin and a team of entrepreneurs raised some venture capital and founded Akamai. This year Lewin was listed in the top 10 of the Enterprise Magazine's ``Power 100'' people for their impact on information technology.

--- Annette Emerson