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Reviews of The Colossal Book of Mathematics: Classic Puzzles, Paradoxes andProblems, by Martin Gardner, reviewed by Dennis Flanagan; CalendricalCalculations: The Millennium Edition, by Edward M. Reingold and NachumDershowitz; and Prime Numbers: A Computational Perspective, by RichardCrandall and Carl Pomerance, reviewed by Stan Wagon.AmericanScientist, January-February 2002, pp. 74-66, p. 80 and p. 84.

Gardner's book includes 50 of his best columns from ScientificAmerican, augmented by answers to questions posed by readers and byother addenda. The reviewer was Gardner's editor at ScientificAmerican.

The second book "describes how to calculate 25 calendars worldwide and howto convert between them." A CD-ROM is included with the book.

Wagon says that for a reader "well versed in elementary number theory thedepth of the book is superb." He concludes with, "It will be useful toanyone interested in algorithms dealing with the arithmetic of the integersand related computational issues."

--- Mike Breen