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"It all adds up at a conference," by Michael Stetz. San Diego Union Tribune, 11January 2002.

The theme of this article revolves around how mathematicians are perceived.Stetz covered "How the World Sees Mathematicians," a session at the JointMathematics Meetings in San Diego (January 2002) that focused on mathematiciansportrayed in films such as A Beautiful Mind, and he interviewed FelixBrowder (past AMS President and 1999 National Medal of Science recipient),David Bayer (math consultant for A Beautiful Mind), and Keith Devlin (amath correspondent on NPR), among others. Stetz reported that mathematiciansand much of what they do are "invisible" to so many---"Mathematicians" are notlisted in the yellow pages, and few realize that the profession "encompasses anumber of fields, including banking, computer technology and national defense."

--- Annette Emerson