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"Digging Bit by Bit": Review of Principles of Data Mining by David Hand,Heikki Mannila and Padhraic Smyth. Reviewed by Michael W. Berry. American Scientist,September-October 2002, page 484.

The book's authors are a statistician, a specialist in databases, and acomputer scientist, respectively. Berry writes that in the book, "Hand and hiscoauthors pursue both statistical and computational issues in dealing withlarge data sets, stressing the mathematical models and computational algorithmsused to characterize and mine digital information." As a textbook, the book issaid to be suitable for senior undergraduates or first-year graduate students.In this regard, Berry states that "The book's coverage and presentations oftopics is excellent," but he found it "lacking as a textbook." For example,there are no exercises at the end of chapters.

--- Mike Breen