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Short Summaries of Articles about Mathematics
in the Popular Press

"Medals Honor Work on Linkages and Proof," by Charles Seife. Science, 23 Aug 2002, pages 1253-1255.
"Prestigious prizes for young maths masters." Nature, 22 August 2002.
"Number crunchers," by Keith Devlin. The Guardian, 22 August 2002.
"Math Prizes," by Ivars Peterson. Science News, 24 August 2002, page 117.
"Wie die Weichgummiwissenschaft verbluefft," by Gero von Randow and Ulf von Rauchhaupt. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 21 August 2002.
"Brueckenschlaege in der Mathematik: Vergabe der Fields-Medaillen in Peking," by George Szpiro. Neue Zuercher Zeitung, 21 August 2002.
"Graue Theorie, goldene Ehre," by Tobias Huerter. Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 21 August 2002.
"Math = beauty + truth / (really hard)," by David Appell., September 5, 2002.
"Franzose und Russe erhalten hoechsten Mathematiker-Preis." Web site of Spektrum der Wissenschaft, 21 August 2002.
"Langlands a inspire L. Lafforgue," Pour la science, September 2002.
"Institute's mathematician collects coveted prize," by Lisa Coryell. The Times (Trenton), front page, 21 August 2002.
"His study of shapes garners top medal," by Amy Ellis Nutt. The New Jersey Star Ledger,20 August 2002.
"Institute Faculty Member Wins Fields Medal," Town Topics, August 21, 2002.
"Top mathematician earns Fields Medal," The Princeton Packet, August 20, 2002.
"Prize for 'big picture' mathematicians," by Richard Black. BBC News, 20 August 2002.
"3 earn math, computer science awards," by Keay Davidson. San Francisco Chronicle, 20 August 2002.
"Top prizes in math awarded in China," by Ed Lanfranco. UPI, 21 August 2002.
"A 'big honour' for a versatile computer scientist," by R. Prasad. The Hindu,21 August 2002.
"Russian Wins Fields Medal," by Timofei Byelo. Pravda, 24 August 2002.

The articles cited above represent a selection of the worldwide coverage of the 2002 Fields Medals and Nevanlinna Prize, which were awarded on 20 August 2002 during the International Congress of Mathematicians in Beijing, China. The Fields Medal is the world's top honor in mathematics, equivalent in prestige to the Nobel Prize (there is no Nobel Prize in mathematics). The Nevanlinna Prize is one of the top international awards in theoretical computer science. During the Congress, the Fields Medals were presented by the President of China, Jiang Zemin, to Laurent Lafforgue of the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifique in Bures-sur-Yvette, France, and to Vladimir Voevodsky of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Madhu Sudan of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology received the Nevanlinna Prize.

--- Allyn Jackson