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"The Short List: The Next Big Thing. The Cutting Edge in Geography, Math,Information Technologies, Criticism..." TheChronicle of Higher Education, 20 September 2002.

In the section on mathematics, AMS Executive Director John Ewing says the nextbig thing in mathematics is biology. "As biologists discovered the value ofmathematics for decoding the genome, mathematicians in turn rediscovered thatsome of the most interesting parts of their subject have roots in the realworld." However, he states that pure mathematics will certainly not wane:"Mathematics has always had its roots in applications, but the ensuing researchquickly outpaced those roots. Research in pure mathematics sometimes findsapplication 25 or 50 years in the future. More and more, mathematicians willsee their subject underlying all science and social science--not as a humbleservant but as an essential companion."

--- Annette Emerson