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"Universities urged to get with IT for biology," by Kendall Powell. Nature, 12 September 2002.

A National Research Council panel on undergraduate biology education released areport on September 10 that found "biology teachers in universities need toinfuse their curricula with more computer science, mathematics and physicalsciences." Lubert Stryer, a neurobiologist at Stanford University, chair of thepanel, says that even the very best schools have not changed the way they teachbiology, which now requires knowledge of computer modeling, informationtechnology and complex instrumentation. Some suggested ways to implement therecommendations include the use of movies, computer presentations, andteam-teaching. Diane Shakes, who teaches cell biology at the College ofWilliam and Mary, describes the panel's findings as a "noble goal", butdifficult to achieve in smaller teaching colleges and universities.

--- Annette Emerson