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"Beautiful Mind, Formidable Intellect," by Ivy Zhang. Beijing Today, 23 August2002.

This local English-language newspaper covers Nash's invited talk to an audienceof about 2,000 at the 2002 International Congress of Mathematicians, held inBeijing in Augsut 2002. Nash's one-hour public lecture, Studying Cooperationin Games via Agencies, also presented at a previous satellite conference,was based on his work in game theory, "a method used all over the world todayby economists, businesses and governments to study multiple-personnon-cooperative interactions by studying two-person cooperative games." As thetalk's subject was quite specialized, many in the audience--including manymathematicians--did not understand much of it. Nevertheless, Nash waswell-received, and his talk was followed by a couple questions from theaudience and then a TV interview. The article notes that outside the auditoriummore than 100 copies of the Chinese edition of were sold.The second half of the article contains a lengthy profile of Nash and a summaryof his work.

--- Annette Emerson