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"Nature Insight: Computational Biology," a special section in Nature, 14 November 2002.

Christopher Surridge, Senior Editor at Nature, introduces the special section: "This Insight presented us with a difficult problem, not in its content---a collection of reviews showing how sophisticated mathematical concepts have illuminated and continue to illuminate the principles underlying biology at a genetic, molecular, cellular and even organismal level. The problem was what to call it ... In the end we concluded that the unifying strand that runs through all the work described was computation, whether it be the production of sophisticated models against which reality is compared, or the subtle analyses that derive patterns and trends from vast and noisy data sets." The articles are as follows:

Computational systems biology, by H. Kitano
The language of genes, by D.B. Searls
The structure of the protein universe and genome evolution, by E.V. Koonin, Y.I. Wolf and G.P. Karev
Engineered gene circuits, by J. Hasty, D. McMillen and J.J. Collins
Control, exploitation and tolerance of intercellular noise, by C.V. Rao, D.M. Wolf and A.P. Arkin
Computational approaches to cellular rhythms, by A. Goldbeter
The community of the self, by T.G. Buchman

--- Annette Emerson