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Mathematical sidebars in Discover,June 2003.

Three sidebars in the June 2003 issue of Discover relate to mathematics.The first quotes philosopher Bertrand Russell: "Physics is mathematical notbecause we know so much about the world, but because we know so little; it isonly mathematical properties that we can discover." The "Science Surfing"column suggests readers "meet some of the most brilliant female mathematicalminds in history" at the Great Women in Math website at There are three mathematics-related titles onthe magazine's "Science Best-Sellers" list: Six Degrees: The Science of aConnected Age, by Duncan J. Watts (W.W. Norton); The Golden Ratio: theStory of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number, by Mario Livio (Broadway);and The Constants of Nature: From Alpha to Omega---the Numbers that Encodethe Deepest Secrets of the Universe, by John D. Barrow (Pantheon).

--- Annette Emerson