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Reviews of A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market by John AllenPaulos:
New and notable books, Science News, 14 June 2003;
"Humor, clarity make 'Math' easy to take," by John Waggoner, USAToday, 15 June 2003;
"Wrong turn on Wall Street inspires 'Mathematician'," by Rob Mitchell, The Boston Sunday Herald, 8 June2003;
"Crunching the Market's Numbers: Risk, Yes; Reward, Maybe," by Kenneth Chang,New York Times, July 1, 2003;
"Summing up punting," a review by Tang Weng Fai of A Mathematician Plays theStock Market by John Allen Paulos,Business Times Singapore, 13December 2003.

Paulos's new book, A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market (New York,Basic Books, 2003) has received much media attention. Book reviewers have foundthe book accessible and informative. In addition, Paulos was interviewed onthe NPR program The Motley Fool.

--- Annette Emerson