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"Fast Findings on Fluid Frenzy," by Peter Weiss. Science News, 2 August 2003, page 68.
"Getting a Grip on Turbulence," by Roberto Benzi. Science, 1 August 2003, pages 605-606.

Fluid flow simulations involving turbulence based on the Navier-Stokes equations are usually computationally demanding. These articles tell of an approach to calculate turbulence that is based on the Boltzmann equation. Weiss quotes David C. Montgomery of Dartmouth College, who said that this new technique, "should become the method of choice when fast answers are needed for fluid flows of complex geometry." The research results are in the August 1, 2003, issue of Science in "Extended Boltzmann Kinetic Equation for Turbulent Flows," by Chen et al.

--- Mike Breen