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"Strength in Numbers," by Robin Wilson. The Chronicle of Higher Education,18 July 2003, pages A10-A12.

Wilson writes about "a four-week boot camp" called EDGE (Enhancing Diversity inGraduate Education), where attendees are more likely to find pull-backs thanpush-ups. The program was created by Rhonda Hughes and Sylvia Bozeman to helpwomen students in mathematics survive graduate school. In addition to providingsupport during the four-week summer session, Hughes and Bozeman contactstudents during the school year and throughout their careers to see how theyare doing. The program has been held at Bryn Mawr College and Spelman College,but this summer was held on the West Coast at Pomona College. Wilson writes ofother faculty involved in EDGE, a typical work day during the session, someunfortunate experiences that some EDGE students and faculty have had in gradschool, and other summer programs in mathematics for women. The Chronicle ofHigher Education also hosted a discussion (Colloquy) about the program.

--- Mike Breen