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"Virtual voters pick best teams," by Michael Hopkin. Nature Science Update, 14 November 2003.

On the same topic: "Monkeys Would Fare as Well as BCS in Picking Best Football Teams, Math Student Finds," by Welch Suggs. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 29 November 2003.

Mathematician Peter Mucha and his colleagues at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta have "come up with a new way to select America's top two college football teams for the end-of-season showdown. They hope their simple method will appeal to fans and coaches baffled by the current system"---the Bowl Championship Series, which critics have complained has too much abstruse and bewildering mathematics. An article on the new system, "How Well Can Monkeys Rank Football Teams?" is posted on the Georgia Tech website, and the researchers' paper is posted on the arXiv preprint server.

--- Annette Emerson