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"Entertaining Mr. Chicken": Review of Everything and More, by DavidFoster Wallace. Reviewed by Michael Brooks. New Scientist, 5 November 2003,pages 52-53.

This brief and positive review calls the book "a great read." Because DavidFoster Wallace is a novelist, one might expect a watered-down or purelyhistorical presentation. But, the review says, "Everything and More, anovelist's (and novel) look at infinity, has the maths and the history, as wellas dry and very funny asides, and---most impressive of all---the flair andstyle to put all of it together."

Another review, more negative, of this same book: "When good novelists do badscience," a review by Amir Aczel of David Foster Wallace's Everything andMore: A Compact History of Infinity, The Globe and Mail, 3 January2004.

Yet another review: "Electrified Paté," John Allen Paulos, The AmericanScholar, Winter 2004, page 147.

The following review is summarized in the Math Digest, 200311-infinity.html: "From here to infinity:Germs, math, and the beauty of discovery": A review of Everything and More:A Compact History of Infinity, by David Foster Wallace. Reviewed byAnthony Doerr. Boston Sunday Globe,19 October 2003.

A review about two books on infinity---Wallace's and one by BrianClegg---has also appeared: "Keep on Tracking," by Frank Kermode. The Guardian, 18 October 2003.It was summarized in the Math Digest, 200311-infinity1.html.

--- Allyn Jackson