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"Proof Reading": Review of The Changing Shape of Geometry: Celebrating a Century of Geometry and Geometry Teaching edited by Chris Pritchard. Reviewed by Peter Hilton and Jean Pedersen. American Scientist, January-February, 2004, pages 91-92.

This book, a joint venture of the Mathematical Association (UK) and the Mathematical Association of America (US), is a collection of articles about geometry. The reviewers "strongly recommend this book to all lovers of mathematics." An interesting feature is "Desert Island Theorems," which appear at the end of the first sections of the book and are essays about particular theorems in geometry that the essay authors could not do without (if they were stranded on a deserted island). The reviewers wish that there was more post-secondary geometry in the book, but write that "This book is a source of intellectual delight and can easily be dipped into during one's leisure moments."

--- Mike Breen