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"Mathematicians Honored for 'Index Theorem' Concept," by David Perlman. San Francisco Chronicle, 26 March 2004.

On March 25 the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters announced that it awarded the 2004 Abel Prize jointly to Sir Michael Francis Atiyah, University of Edinburgh, and Isadore M. Singer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Atiyah and Singer will receive the Prize for their discovery and proof of the index theorem, bringing together topology, geometry and analysis, and their outstanding role in building new bridges between mathematics and theoretical physics. This article quotes David Eisenbud (President of the American Mathematical Society and Director of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, California): "One of the most remarkable developments in my scientific lifetime has been the new fields of interaction between physics and mathematics, and these two men have been responsible for a major part of that development." Various media worldwide posted the news release and/or covered the news: Some of the articles include a brief explanation of the index theorem.

"MIT mathematician, British partner accept Norway's Abel Prize," by Doug Mellgren (Associated Press), The Herald Tribune, 25 May, 2004
"Edinburgh academic awarded 'Nobel prize' for maths," by Kevin Schofield, The Scotsman, 26 May 2004
"MIT professor wins major international math prize," by Scott Allen, The Boston Globe, 30 March 2004
"Index Theory Wins Top Math Prize," by Heather Catchpole, Discovery and ABC Online, 30 March 2004
"Abel-Preis für Mathematiker aus England und den USA: Wechselwirkungen zwischen Disziplinen," by George Szpiro. Neue Zuercher Zeitung, 26 March 2004
"Maths boffins secure $750,000 Abel Prize," by Lucy Sherriff, The Register, 29 March 2004
"Mathematicians Share Abel Prize," BBC News, 26 March 2004
"Two Professors Share Abel Prize for Achievements in Mathematics," The Chronicle of Higher Education, 26 March 2004
"Jilted by Sweden, Feted by Norway, Mathematics Finally Gets Its Due," by Daniel Rockmore The Chronicle of Higher Education, 9 April 2004
"British and American Mathematicians Share Norway's Abel Prize," The Hindu, 26 March 2004
"The Abel Prize 2004 Shared by Atiyah and Singer," Norway Post, 26 March 2004
"Maths 'Nobel' Awarded," by Mark Peplow, Nature Science Update, 26 March 2004
"Briton Wins £475,000 Maths 'Nobel' Prize," by Roger Highfield, The Telegraph, 26 March 2004
"Scot Wins Maths 'Nobel' Prize," by Alastair Dalton, The Scotsman, 26 March 2004
"Two Mathematicians Share Abel Prize," Science Now, 25 March 2004
"Atiyah and Singer Share Abel Prize," Aftenposten, 25 March 2004
"MIT professor shares international prize for mathematics," MIT News, 25 March 2004
"Two Share Norway's Abel Prize for Math," Associated Press, Canada, 25 March 2004.

--- Annette Emerson