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"Top of the Top 40," by Ben Harder. Science News, 20 March 2004,page 182.

The Top 40 in this case are the top finishers in the recent Intel ScienceTalent Search. First place went to Herbert Mason Hedberg of North AttleboroHigh School (MA) for a test that could identify tumor-fighting compounds.Hedberg received a US$100,000 scholarship. Second and fourth place were awardedto math projects by Boris Alexeev of Cedar Shoals High School (GA) and LindaBrown Westrick of the Maggie L. Walker Governor's School (VA). Alexeev, whoreceived a US$75,000 scholarship, did research into automata, while Westrick'sproject involved properties of the number derivative. You can read more aboutthe top tenfinishers and Westrick'sproject online.

--- Mike Breen