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"Strung out across the universe": Review of The Fabric of the Cosmos, byBrian Greene. Reviewed by Michael Duff. New Scientist, 10 April 2004, page52.

With his best-selling book The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene showed arare talent for explaining complex theories of modern physics in a way thegeneral public could understand. His new book, The Fabric of theCosmos, "does not disappoint," the reviewer writes. "Topics that have beentreated ad nauseam by other popularisers, such as special relativity, blackholes and the big bang, are given a new lease of life with Greene'suser-friendly analogies and skilful turn of phrase." The book presents a"convincing case" that the mysterious M-theory may be the ultimateall-encompassing theory that physicists have been searching for.

--- Allyn Jackson