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"In Modern Memorial, a Holocaust Victim's Thesis Goes on Internet," by Joseph Berger. New York Times, 21 April 1996.

This is the poignant story of a woman's efforts to keep alive the memory of her uncle, a promising mathematician who died at the age of 30 at the hands of the Nazis. His niece, who now lives in New York, traveled to their hometown of Vilnius, Lithuania. She visited the University of Vilnius, where her uncle had been a student, and requested help in obtaining a copy of his university application. Six months later she received a copy of the application as well as his Ph.D. thesis, which she hadn't known about. She shared it with mathematicians at the University of Chicago, who posted the thesis on the web page of the mathematics department. Department chairman Robert Fefferman called the thesis "a beautiful piece of work on an important topic."

-Allyn Jackson