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Animations of the Central Cone

If you have a Java-capable browser, you might like to try one of the interactive versions of the central cone The following animations are provided in two formats: MPEG and animated GIF. Usually, MPEG players allow you to start and stop the animation at any point, and to step through it one frame at a time; this format is also more compressed, so the files are smaller and quicker to transfer. On the other hand, MPEGs require a browser plug-in, or an external program. The animated GIF format does not need any extra software, but it does not allow you to start or stop the animation.

Apple's Quicktime plug-in will play MPEGs for the Macintosh, (need a link to a PC version). If the MPEG movie plays too quickly, you may need to step through it one frame at a time.

This animation shows the cornucopia spining around in space. This gives you a better idea of the shape of the object, and the optical illusion apparent in the view shown on the poster.

This animation shows the cornucopia progressing from the 0-dimensional points, through the 1-dimensional line segment, the 2-dimensional strip, and finally the 3-dimensional cone.

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