Math Plots and Plans: Julie Strandberg

Julie Strandberg

Julie Strandberg is a choreographer and a teacher at Brown University who incorporates dimensionality into her compositions and her teaching. In her 20 minute dance Dimensions, she has her performers experience the limitations of movement in two dimensions. One dancer is sprung into a higher dimension, to enjoy the freedom of three-dimensional space. The exhilaration tempts her to try to go on to four dimensions and higher. The attempt is too much, and the protagonist is forced to return to the plane, overcome with the sadness of loss.

Here is a slide record of the crucial scenes in the Dimensions dance.

Here are some dimensional exercises exploring the dimensionality of dance.

Julie Strandberg is the Executive Director of the American Dance Legacy Institute, dedicated to preserving the legacy of dance in America.

Here is an introductory site about the notation used to record and preserve dance.

This site shows how mathematics is being used to describe modern dance movements.

Here is a historical and pictorial introduction to the history of dance movement

For another site about Dance in America, see National Museum of Dance.