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Create a Video About What ‘Math and Voting’ Means to You and You Could Win $500

Video Contest Winner

What does “Math and Voting” mean to you? Unleash your creativity and show millions. The Joint Policy Board for Mathematics* invites you to visit the Math Awareness Month web site at www.mathaware.org and then create a video—to be hosted on YouTube—using music, humor, and other creative elements to express your feelings about the connection between mathematics and voting.

Here are some videos others have made about mathematics and statistics:

$500 will be awarded to the producer of the top video. The winner will be announced June 1 on www.mathaware.org and www.amstat.org and acknowledged in Amstat News in July.

What constitutes a “top” video? Judges will choose based on the following:

  • Creativity
  • How well your message is conveyed
  • Level of entertainment
  • Quality of your video
  • Relevance to the theme of “Math and Voting”

Please post your video on YouTube at www.youtube.com/group/mathaware. YouTube viewers can vote for their favorite video once a day until the contest ends on May 15. All videos must be posted by April 30 to give viewers time to vote, and each video can be up to three minutes in length.

* The Joint Policy Board for Mathematics consists of the American Mathematical Society, American Statistical Association, Mathematical Association of America, and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics By participating in this contest, you agree that videos posted for this contest may be used by any of these societies in its activities related to Math Awareness Month.

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