Mathematics Awareness Week 1996

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University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA

University of Northern Iowa

At University of Northern Iowa, the following celebrated Mathematics Awareness Week:

Governor Branstad's proclamation of Mathematics Awareness Week was displayed in Wright Hall (the mathematics and computer science building). See a copy of the Iowa State Proclamation of MAW.

The MAW poster was displayed in Wright Hall with some old and current calculating devices (slilde rule, mechanical calculator, mechanical card punch, HP calculator).

Professors Duncan and Kirmani gave short talks on some applications of mathematics to decision making.

A flier announcing the MAW activities was distributed to all faculty; on the reverse the mathematics curriculum when Iowa State Normal School opened 120 years ago (arithmetic, algebra, bookkeeping, geometry, trigonometry and surveying, navigation and spherical trigonometry, and analytic geometry) was compared to the present curriculum. The celebration of 120 years of UNI occurred during MAW.

MAW was announced in the running light sign at our football stadium.

The regional student honary (KME) meeting, as well as the sectional MAA meeting, occurred during MAW.

Weekend Radio (syndicated from WCLV) acknowledged MAW on the air.

For more information on Math Awareness Week activities at University of Northern Iowa, please contact R. B. Campbell (

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